17 Proven Affiliate Programs for Beginners To Make Money

One of the easiest ways to make money online today is by promoting other people’s products as an affiliate.

Are you looking for the best affiliate products you can promote as a beginner to make as much money as possible?!

Let me show you in this article the best options that you have available today to start promoting

Best Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

1. Clickbank

With 6 million digital products in over 20 categories, reaching 200 million people worldwide, ClickBank is a popular choice among affiliate marketers. 

Moreover, this program offers very high commissions, as high as 75%, and ClickBank is known for its regular, reliable payouts, which is a huge drawcard. 

Plenty of products are sold regularly, which means a great source of recurring income for you and products with upsell options to help boost your income. 

2. Share-A-Sale

ShareASale is one of the largest affiliate networks out there, running for nearly two decades, so it’s built up a lot of trust in the affiliate industry. 

The network is well-loved by marketers and merchants because of its user-friendly interface, fast, free sign-up, and support for affiliates running multiple websites. 

It has many merchants in over 40 categories, including some big names. 

3. CJ.com

CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission  Junction) is an excellent program for more experienced marketers with 300 brands, including many of the world’s top brands. 

The program boasts 43% year-on-year growth in commissions, so it’s an attractive option. 

However you need a good amount of traffic to get accepted, and there are strict conditions for staying on as a publisher.

The sophisticated toolbox may take some getting used to but has great features for more advanced affiliate marketers. 

4. Affiliaxe

Affiliaxe is a top choice for marketers who want to access a whole lot of verticals. 

This translates to a wide variety of products and offers, so you get to choose and focus where you can get the best results. 

Plus, if accepted to the program, you have access to your very own Affiliate Manager to help you optimize your traffic and create a unique bonus program to max your earning potential. 

Top it off with an easy-to-use platform, it’s a favorite for global affiliate marketers.

5. Impact

Impact is essentially another big affiliate marketing network (despite claiming otherwise), although it’s not as old as the likes of ClickBank and ShareASale.

But age, after all, is just a number, so Impact’s comparative youthfulness definitely shouldn’t stop you signing up. 

Its founders created Commission Junction, so they clearly know what they’re doing!

Much like the other big-name networks, you’ll find tons of household names on Impact, including Adidas, Airbnb, and HSBC. 

At time of writing, a grand total of 2,517 brands were using the platform to reach new audiences, with new advertisers joining the network all the time.

Unsurprisingly for a (relative) newcomer to the world of affiliate marketing, Impact’s user interface is a lot fancier than most affiliate networks. 

But this isn’t just about cosmetic appeal — it also incorporates some smart, user-friendly features. 

One of my favorites is the “brands to work with instantly” section, which lists all the advertisers offering instant approvals. 

It’s a fantastic feature that makes it easy for new affiliate marketers to get up and running fast.

6. Avangate

Avangate was founded in 2006 and like ClickBank, they only promote digital products.

But unlike ClickBank, the brands they represent are software and digital courses – but 99% software.

Before we go any further, Avangate is two companies – Avangate is their affiliate software platform.

But their affiliate network is 2Checkout, which is massively confusing because they’re also a payment processor.

Anyways, 2Checkout has 22,000 software advertisers signed up with them and a handful of online courses like SuperReading.

In terms of software, you’ll find everything from Hide My Ass, Bit Defender, Malware Bytes, SEO PowerSuite, and Filmora, to FTP software.

7. Awin

Awin (Affiliate Window) is a network with an international reach, representing over 14,000 advertisers, and has publishers in 180 countries.

It’s also one of those affiliate networks that gets overlooked in favor of more popular ones, like CJ Affiliate by Conversant or ShareASale, for example.

And that’s a real shame because they have some really unique advertisers that you won’t find anywhere else.

These aren’t ultra-niche products or services, either. 

They’re all mainstream but exclusive to Awin, to the point that many of their advertisers don’t list their affiliate program anywhere on their website.

So you could potentially find some hidden gems in their Affiliate Directory.

The only downside to Awin is its interface is a little messy – it gets the job done, but it could be streamlined to improve UX.

There’s also the detail that they charge new affiliates a refundable $5 to sign up with them. 

While it makes sense to do this, it’s enough to put some affiliates off because the “fee” sounds scammy.

8. eBay Partner Newtork

We’re not going to insult you with a brief history of eBay because everyone knows what it is.

But what started out as a way for people to clear out their garages and make a few bucks has become a global marketing platform for individuals and big brands alike.

Did you know that more than 80% of the 1.4 billion listings on eBay are for new items?

It’s not just a marketplace for used goods and/or junk.

So while most newbies jump straight into bed with Amazon (not a bad decision) very few pause to give the eBay affiliate program a second look.

eBay also manage their own affiliate program, so there are no “middlemen” involved – you work directly with them.

And that means being able to build a relationship with their team of affiliate managers, something which could be invaluable to you in years to come.

In short, this affiliate program — officially called the eBay Partner Network (EPN) — isn’t perfect, but it can be a great place for brand new affiliates to start out, usually in conjunction with the Amazon Associates Program.

9. Shopify

Shopify is an online e-commerce platform that provides businesses and brands of all sizes with a straightforward way to sell online.

And without any of the need to know technical jargon, hire web developers or any of the dozens of other issues that can cause a new online business to stumble and fail.

Instead, your visitors just choose from plans starting at $29/mo but no more than $299 per month, or a fraction of what a custom online e-commerce solution would cost.

That’s why more than 1.7 million businesses use Shopify.

It’s also what makes them a good program for affiliates to promote i.e. they’re a recognized global brand with a solid reputation.

So you won’t have to explain who Shopify is. Instead, you can spend your time explaining how easy they make it for entrepreneurs to create their online store.

This affiliate program offers a 200% commission rate for sending new customers their way, with that figure made up of 100% commission on the first two payments made by a new customer.

And you also have the option to earn recurring commissions from referrals and ‘Plus’ upgrades.

That puts it way ahead in earning potential when compared to most other affiliate marketing programs you’ll find.

10. FlexOffers

FlexOffers is one of those affiliate networks that fly under the radar of most new affiliate marketers. There are two reasons for this.

The first is that they’re simply less well-known than the bigger players in the market, like CJ and Amazon.

And that’s a shame because – in our experience – they have a really friendly affiliate management team who wants you to succeed.

The second is that their business model means you’ll receive a lower commission rate for a given affiliate program from their portfolio of merchants.

That’s because FlexOffers take their own cut from your referral

Which effectively means you’re a sub-affiliate for this particular affiliate marketing service provider.

But the beauty of their approach is that new affiliates can sign up for, promote and profit from programs that they’d otherwise be declined for, including a range of credit card offers.

Another neat way to leverage FlexOffers is to find out if a company has an affiliate program that they don’t advertise on their homepage but do offer via this network.

Something else worth knowing about FlexOffers is that they offer Net 7 payments for top performers, which in plain English means, “You can get paid weekly.”

This is one of the best payout deals you’ll get from any of the mainstream affiliate networks.

11. Rakuten Advertising

You might not have heard of Rakuten, but they’re an absolutely Japanese affiliate marketing service provider.

They put their foot in the door of the affiliate marketing scene when they acquired LinkShare back in 2005.

Since then they’ve taken the Rakuten Linkshare platform from being a presence in the market to winning awards most years.

They represent 1,000+ brands and businesses.

Their merchants supply everything from gifts and flowers to consumer electronics and office supplies.

The only potential downside is that Rakuten is a serious player on the affiliate marketing scene, so the approval process can be slow, especially if your site has little or no traffic.

With that being said, Rakuten is a sleeping giant most newbie affiliates don’t pay enough attention to.

Some affiliates have implied this network is slow to pay out, but I’ve never had an issue with them.

12. Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace where crafters, makers, and doers can sell their wares to the general public without ever needing to build their own website.

They’re not the only option for crafters to sell online, but none of their competitors have the same presence in the market or the same variety of products from creators.

And that’s good news for beginner affiliates because it means that Etsy is a great place to refer your visitors to if they’re looking for a personalized gift that has not been mass-produced.

Or even something quirky as a treat for themselves or their pet, including everything from portraits to pet sofa beds.

It’s that varied.

Awin manages their affiliate program so you’ll need an account with them before you start promoting this offer.

You’ll earn a flat 4% commission on all sales made through your affiliate link and have a 30-day cookie to play with.

13. FanFuel

FanFuel is the affiliate arm of Wolfson Brands, a company that specializes in products for the health and fitness market.

What sets them apart from their competitors is that their products are used and endorsed by professional athletes as well as health and fitness-focused social influencers.

But their product line also includes nootropics to enhance human performance, hair loss treatments, and cosmeceuticals.

So you have a range of products that can appeal to multiple audiences across several niches.

The additional benefit for affiliates is that you can earn more from their offers because there’s no affiliate network in the middle to eat into your commissions.

14. Amazon Associates

Amazon is one of the biggest retailers in the world and so do their affiliate program. 

You can promote almost anything using its platform.

Whether you’re writing about travel, lifestyle, fashion, parenting, craftwork or business, there’s an endless choice of great products to advertise.

It’s free to join and easy to use. You can earn up to 10% commission on the sale amount.

Although the commission is relatively low, you can get paid for items you didn’t even advertise. 

For example, when someone clicks on your affiliate link and decides not to buy, but ends up buying something else, you can still get a commission for the total orders placed within 24 hours.

15. Ultimate Bundle

No matter which niche you’re in, there is something valuable that you can find to promote. And your readers will love it.

Why? Simply because your readers can get those bundles at ridiculously low prices.

Ultimate Bundles it’s a collection of eBooks, eCourses, templates, workbooks, planners, and other digital products that are packaged and sold as a bundle for a steep discount of 90-97% off.

As an affiliate, not only can you earn a whopping 40% commission on each sale, but you can also learn about marketing from the best.

They offer free marketing training, ready-to-send emails, social media posts, and webinars to help you get the most from the sales.

There are various bundles on personal finance, blogging, photography, meal planning, healthy living, essential oils, productivity, and more.

Ultimate Bundles divides its products into two main categories:

(a) Everygreen Bundles: these are every green product that you can promote any time of the year

(b) Ultimate & Super Bundles: Products that are only available for a limited time.

 If you have your own online course, eBook or digital product, you can apply to become a contributor. 

As a contributing affiliate for Ultimate Bundles, you can increase your commission to 70% for each sale!

16. MaxBounty

MaxBounty is a Canadian network that’s been around since the early days of affiliate marketing. Or 2004, to be precise.

While most other networks provide a slew of offers, MaxBounty focuses on what they do best – CPA offers.

You get paid when affiliates take a specific action, like installing a piece of software or completing a form.

And typical CPA offers tend to be far more lucrative than say CPS or flat rate offers.

They have around 2,000 campaigns on their books, including those for more popular niches like online dating, dieting, etc.

Most suited to: Established affiliates with plenty of traffic and who need new CPA offers to push.

17. Fiverr

Fiverr bills itself as the world’s largest digital services marketplace, with over 11 million users in 190 countries. 

Fiverr has a generous commission plan, with CPA of up to $150. 

Plus, there’s no referral limit and you get lifetime attribution. 

Another nice benefit of the Fiverr affiliates program is their user-friendly dashboard and the portfolio of creative resources you can use to promote Fiverr, so some of the heavy lifting is done for you already.

Wrapping It Up

So, here you have it, the best sites at this moment where a beginner can be an affiliate and make its first sale as easy as possible.

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