15 Most Profitable Online Jobs For Beginners

Do you lack the motivation of having to drive to your work every day? 

Do you prefer to earn a paycheck working from the comfort of your home (or wherever you want)?

It’s entirely possible nowadays.

People’s work is quickly evolving as technology makes it easier for us to work wherever we like. 

Working from home allows workers to avoid long commutes, spend more time with family, and create their own schedules.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 15 online jobs for 2022 that pay very well. Some jobs are entry-level for people just starting their careers, while others may require more experience.

List of Best High-Paying Online Jobs 

1. Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representatives typically answer phone calls from customers and respond to email inquiries. 

Customer Service departments may need their representatives to do everything from process returns to troubleshooting problems for customers. 

Since most customer service jobs only require a phone line and CRM software, many companies allow their Customer Service reps to work from home. 

While more technical customer service jobs may come with advanced requirements, many provide paid training and are available to entry-level candidates.

Average annual salary: $38,000

2. Animator

Animators create animated clips for web videos, commercials, educational material, video games, and more. 

Animation is a complex job that requires years of experience and an in-depth understanding of production processes. 

However, since all animation tools are computer-based, animators can work from the comfort of their own homes for studios or for their own clients and potentially earn a hefty annual salary.

Animators are typically either 2D or 3D specialists, but some do both. Because there are so many different types of animation and so many levels of skill, pay for Animation jobs can vary widely.

Average annual salary: $55,000

3. Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers keep track of business income, expenses, and other financial activity so that businesses have accurate and detailed financial records at the end of each year. 

Bookkeepers may also run payroll and manage accounts receivable and accounts payable. 

A bookkeeper may work full-time for a single organization or for multiple small businesses at the same time.

Bookkeepers do not need a full accounting certification, but they are generally required to have an Associate’s degree in either accounting or business administration.

Average annual salary: $43,000

4. Translator

Translators take audio or written text in one language and translate it into another. 

To be a translator, a person needs to have mastery of not just one language but two. 

Without advanced language skills in both languages, a person cannot translate information without missing or changing the original meaning.

Even though online tools like Google Translate can translate text for you, they are far from perfect and no match for a human Translator. 

Translators are even needed (in some cases) to translate speech in online meetings between people in different countries.

Many translators can work from home and stay connected with their employers via email and video conferencing software.

Average annual salary: $49,000

5. Online Tutoring

Online tutors help students deliver lesson plans, assessments, and educational resources using video conferencing tools. 

Typically, an online tutor has expertise in a subject or set of subjects, making it worthwhile for students to pay for their time. 

Most tutors are paid by the hour. Some online tutors work as freelancers, while others find work using online tutoring platforms like Skooli or TutorMe.

Average annual salary: $37,000

6. Content Writer

Content Writers create thoroughly researched niche content for online publications. 

Many Content Writers work as freelancers to maintain contracts for various companies, but others work full-time for a single organization. 

Content Writers are often allowed to work from home because most of their research and writing is done alone. 

People with strong writing skills and excellent working knowledge of a particular industry are well suited to working from home as Content Writers.

Average annual salary: $45,000

7. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistants schedule meetings, maintain contact lists, respond to emails, and more. 

As the job title suggests, Virtual Assistants work remotely using online scheduling tools. 

Businesses that don’t have a physical storefront can use Virtual Assistants as personal support to an executive or as administrative aid to an entire team. 

This is another job that can be done from home on either a freelance or a full-time basis.

Average annual salary: $41,000

8. Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers engage with a business’s customers through social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. 

Social Media Managers help create marketing campaigns and build a bigger brand following so a business can extend its influence. 

Social Media Managers also use reporting tools to measure their success and identify the most effective points of engagement with their followers.

Because so much product buying is socially driven in today’s online world, Social Media Management is an essential role in almost any industry. 

Although Social Media Managers typically have to do a lot of collaborate with the rest of their marketing team, it is still a job that can easily be done from home using online meeting tools.

Average annual salary: $50,000

9. Web Developer

Web Developers design and build websites. While many Web Developers work for marketing companies or large organizations with multiple websites, web developers can also work freelance as their services are in high demand. 

Web development is not an entry-level job as you need experience and training to complete projects to a satisfactory level. 

However, it is one of the higher-paying work-from-home job opportunities.

Average annual salary: $60,000

10. Graphic Designer

Graphic Designers create logos, custom images, landing pages, and more. 

Because Graphic Designers do most of their work alone using design software, their work is well suited to a home office environment. 

Many Graphic Designers pick up contracts on sites like Upwork, though many companies hire full-time Graphic Designers for their in-house projects.

Average annual salary: $45,000

11. Software Developer

Software developers create the applications or systems that run on a computer or another device. 

They apply the principles of engineering, analytics, and computer science to develop and test all kinds of software and applications. 

Many software developers are employed by firms that deal in computer systems design and related services, manufacturing, or for software publishers.

The BLS projects 22 percent job growth for this field through 2029.

Average annual salary: $108,000

12. Insurance Sales Agent

Many people find it easy to shop online for insurance, but they often need to talk to a licensed insurance rep to help them choose the right policy.

Insurance companies are increasingly outsourcing their incoming phone calls to contact centers, which then hire or contract with licensed insurance reps. 

If you see an ad on TV for a life insurance company and call the number on your screen, there’s a good chance you’re talking to someone working from home.

Job growth in this field is projected to be 5 percent through 2029.

Average annual salary: $50,000

13. Data Entry Specialist

A medical transcriptionist listens to voice recordings from doctors and other healthcare workers and transcribes them into written reports. 

A transcriptionist can work for a hospital, doctor’s office, a third-party service, or be self-employed.

The expansion of healthcare services is expected to drive demand for this job, but a slight decline is projected due to technological advances and outsourcing.

Average annual salary: $33,000

14. Medical Transcriptionist

Doctors and other healthcare professionals often dictate their notes to save time while they are working in a clinical setting. 

However, these notes must be recorded in writing to maintain accurate patient records. That’s where Medical Transcriptionists come in.

Medical Transcriptionists listen to dictations and type them up in reports. 

To do this, transcriptions are usually required to have some knowledge of medical terminology and a minimum typing speed of at least 40 words per minute. 

Obviously, this job requires concentration and must be done alone, so it is perfect for a home office.

Average annual salary: $33,000

15. Legal Assistant

Paralegals and legal assistants do various tasks to support lawyers, such as legal research and preparing documents. 

Though most work for law firms, these jobs can be found at government agencies and corporate legal departments.

There is a 10% projected job growth in this field through 2029.

Average annual salary: $52,000

Wrapping It Up

Having an online job will not be indeed flowers and rainbows all the time; it has its challenges too. 

But some people prefer the flexibility of not needing to leave their homes to start working.

Quick advice: If this is something you’ve decided to do for the medium or long term, make sure that it is something that interests you at least. Or it will be difficult to sustain.

Remember that you still need to improve your skills if you expect promotions and a bigger paycheck. 

At any time, you can choose to switch from an online job to start building your own online business, giving you even more freedom.

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