11 Unknown Faceless Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Are you looking for ways to make money on YouTube, but by no means you don’t want to show your face?! I know, it can be embarrassing if you don’t have experience. 

Some people never get used to the idea.

But don’t worry, in this article, you will find plenty of ideas to get started on this platform, by creating a faceless channel

11 YouTube Channel Ideas Without Showing Your Face

1. How To Videos

YouTube is, first and foremost, a search engine. It’s the second most widely used search engine after Google. 

People use it every day to search for how to do something.

This means how-to videos are very popular and serve a huge audience constantly searching for them. 

You can make how-to videos on several different topics without showing your face.

My favorite and most successful in this category is software how-to videos. 

These are where I show someone how to use a certain program to achieve an outcome. 

These videos usually walk someone through the process of doing something.

How to videos are definitely saturated on YouTube for most topics. 

You can look for underserved markets where how to questions are not answered and make videos for those people to achieve long term success.

2. Animation Videos

If you are a talented animator, how about creating some awesome animation videos?

Money from displaying ads alone on YouTube might not worth your time and effort producing animations. 

Therefore, make sure to include other monetization models, such as selling merch, donations, or YouTube membership. 

You can get started even without experience, with softwares like VideoScribe and Doodly, where you can do an amazing job without being an expert.

3. Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos are similar to how to videos because they are teaching your audience something. 

They are very commonly search-focused because people search for tutorials on how to make or do a certain task.

Tutorials often walk someone through the steps of a project or task one by one. 

My favorite in this type of video are craft tutorials since that’s what I make and like to watch. 

These craft tutorial videos can teach someone what they need and how to create a project from start to finish.

4. Slideshow Videos

Slideshow videos are incredibly easy to create. They are at the very basic level just a slideshow. 

You can create the slideshow and then overlay either your voice reading or just music to create a vibe.

Slideshows by definition are about the content of the slides. 

This means they are a great type of video to make if you don’t want to show your face. 

I love making slideshows of photos combined with music around a certain topic or niche.

5. Compilation Videos

Compilation style videos come in many forms but they are simply adding up multiple clips into one bigger video. 

These videos have made certain channels huge on YouTube and there are whole business models around compilation videos that use user generated content. 

A few examples include fail video compilations or funny pet video compilations.

You can make compilation videos featuring other people’s content or your own content if you have it. 

Either way you can create videos without your face that are likely to get massive views.

6. Unboxing Videos

This style of video is another good option for anyone not showing their face on YouTube. 

Unboxing videos focus on the item being unboxed so naturally a face is not necessary. You can create a great unboxing video with just your hands.

The only downside here is that you may run out of things to unbox if this is your only type of content. 

It’s likely that unboxing videos would be one of multiple types of videos you would want to try making without showing your face.

7. Music Videos

Haul videos tend to revolve around personality centered channels but they can also be done without showing your face. 

The key on these haul videos is to focus on the products in the haul.

The most successful haul videos without someone’s face will be very niche specific and focused instead of broad. 

You’ll want to share lots of detail about the products and good close ups of the items. 

Since it’s less about you and more about the items the focus will be on them, allowing you to not have to show your face on camera.

8. Audio Podcasts

With podcasts, you can get YouTube views without showing any video. 

To get started, you can just grab a microphone and begin recording.

For podcast topics, you can talk about your interests, tell stories, answer questions, chat with friends, and more.

9. Video Essays

Video essays are a great way to get tons of YouTube views while discussing things you know or are interested in.

You can read your essay out loud and show related photos and video clips to make video essays.

10. ASMR Channel

The next way to make money on YouTube without revealing your face and voice is to start an ASMR channel.

In case you didn’t know, ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” –  a relaxing sensation that is triggered by placid sights and sounds such as whispers, accents, and crackles.

Heather Feather, a popular ASMR YouTuber, explains the reason people love ASMR by saying that “basically, it feels like the amazing chills you get when someone plays with your hair or traces your back with their fingertips.”

Out of many types of ASMR videos, cooking is one of the most popular. 

It requires a lot of hard work into preparing and filming high-quality content. 

However, the result is often worth the effort.

11. ‘’With-Me’’ Videos

Researchers point out that watching “witch me” videos such as “Study with me” or “clean with me” is a method for people to feel more confident and get inspired to achieve their goals.

As a result, they have gained so much popularity in recent years, especially in a world where many things distract us from doing our main tasks.

Making these types of videos is also fairly simple. You just have to set up a nice filming angle and start recording yourself doing stuff.

Wrapping It Up

Although showing your face on YouTube contribute to get a stronger brand on the platform, its not a requirement if your only goal is to cash out from your efforts creating video content. 

As you saw in this article, there are many ways to do it.

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