7+1 Coolest Side Hustle Ideas for College Students

Interested in earning some extra cash while in college?

I know that it can be easy to find financial struggles when you are a student. But don’t worry.

You have plenty of options to make this money, without compromising the quality of your studies.

Let’s see the best 7 (plus one) side hustles that you can try while in college

Best Part-Time Jobs for College Students

1. Virtual Assistant

The 21st-century answer to the personal assistant is the virtual assistant, an admin-savvy associate who helps busy professionals with daily tasks, scheduling, appointment setting, IT, research, and more. 

This is a fitting job for any college student who is organized, a whiz on the computer, and, preferably, possesses previous administrative experience. 

To sweeten the deal, all work can be performed remotely and sometimes at any time of the day.


  • Creating and maintaining schedules
  • Booking travel reservations
  • Conducting research
  • Managing financial information
  • IT, website, and social media support

Hourly Pay: 

The average pay for a virtual assistant is $15.64/hour.

2. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Are you a pet lover in need of some extra cash? If so, become a dog walker and/or pet sitter. 

Sites like Rover offer on-demand employment options that fit with even the most offbeat schedules. 

And, those willing and able to host doggy daycares and overnight pet sit can make twice as much money as dog walkers. 

Of course, your income could be even higher if you have experiences working with nontraditional pets, such as farm animals, reptiles, and horses.


  • Dog walking
  • Pet cleanup
  • Administering medicine
  • Emergency vet visits
  • Pet transport

Hourly Pay: 

The average pay for dog walking and/or pet sitting is $15-40/hour, depending on location and duties performed.

3. Sales Associate

According to Business News Daily, the most commonly-held jobs by American college students are sales associate positions. 

Sales associates enjoy flexibility in scheduling and shift coverage, which can come in handy during particularly stressful school weeks. 

Additionally, many seasonal sales associate jobs open up during peak holiday months, a plus for students who need to make extra money while on break.


  • Handling cash and credit cards
  • Upselling and making sales
  • Organizing store inventory
  • Store cleanup

Hourly Pay: 

Sales associate positions frequently start at state minimum wage rates.

4. Food Delivery

Nowadays, apps like Instacart, Doordash, or Postmates, give an excellent opportunity to make money on the side, and with huge flexibility.

You enter the app whenever you want to start receiving and completing orders for users of these platforms. 

You can even use them simultaneously and see where an order pops up faster (it’s a common thing to do)

Most of them will require you to have a car, but exceptions exist.


  • Receiving orders
  • Pick up orders
  • Deliver orders to the customer

Hourly Pay: 

Depending of the app that you use and your location, you can expect to earn somewhere between $10-$20/hour.

5. Social Media Assistant

Companies love to hire young, college-age employees to run their social media accounts because–let’s face it–college-age people are already on social media a lot these days. 

Often, these are part-time, hourly positions that offer work that can be performed remotely, like social media campaign scheduling, customer service tasks, image uploads, and research.


  • Assisting social media management
  • SEO optimization
  • Blogging
  • Communication management
  • Post scheduling
  • Customer engagement

Hourly Pay: 

On average, social media assistants make $16/per hour.

6. Online Data Entry

Students searching for a fully-remote position need to look no further than the online data entry field. 

These clerical jobs can be performed at any time of the day or night from the comfort of a dorm room, and generally, only require a rudimentary knowledge of data entry and preservation. 

Note: some companies require typing and IT troubleshooting tests as application processes.


  • Verifying data
  • Updating existing data
  • Completing daily reports
  • Sorting and organizing data by category
  • Gathering information directly from customers (in some cases)

Hourly Pay: 

Data entry workers average, earn $13-$15/hour.

7. Food Service Worker

Waiting tables to get through college may sound like a cliche, but there’s a reason why serving, bartending, slinging espresso drinks, and washing dishes are such popular jobs among students. 

In addition to the flexibility, many food service workers reap the benefits of extra income in the form of tips, especially during the peak holiday seasons when school is not in session.


  • Taking orders
  • Serving food
  • Making drinks
  • Handling cash and credit cards
  • Light food preparation

Hourly Pay: 

Hourly pay for food service workers varies depending on the state, but most make minimum wage base pay plus tips.

8. Fitness Instructor

Gyms always look for talented fitness instructors with plenty of early mornings and late evening availability for their clients. 

High-energy college students are great fits for these positions, especially ones that already hold personal training certifications, play collegiate sports, or are majoring in corresponding fields, such as kinesiology, dance, or physical therapy.


  • Holding sessions tailored to each client’s fitness goals
  • Teaching group classes
  • Conducting fitness audits for clients
  • Providing diet and health information to clients

Hourly Pay: 

The average pay for fitness instructors is $19/hour.

FAQ about Side Hustle for College Students

Here are some answers that will clarify some doubts that I’m sure you have

What are good working hours for a college student?

It will always depend on the schedule of your classes and the amount of time you spend on independent study and research.

Most of the time, working 2 to 4 hours every day will be a good starting point, preferably first thing in the morning or at night.

Yes, it will be a sacrifice, but it will help you tremendously to achieve financial stability during these years.

Should a college student work full-time?

It depends on your career and the class schedule that this has. That is a problem if you must sacrifice classes to show up at work because you sign a full-time contract.

I don’t recommend it. Stay this as a part-time gig, and instead of wasting your free time on other unmeaningful things, get outside and make more money.

Or you can start an online business on the side, which you are building in time and can bring you passive income if you learn the proper strategies.

Blogging, YouTube, Etsy Seller, Print-On-Demand, and Dropshipping, which you can start on a very tight budget.

Wrapping It Up

The goal of a part-time gig while in college is to earn some extra cash, either to fund your career or to collaborate with your day-to-day expenses.

Recommendation: Instead of only chasing money with these side hustles, shift your mindset and try, at the same time, to develop some skills.

This will help you a lot once your finish your career and jump on the labor market as a graduate.

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