19 Highly Profitable Side Hustle Ideas for Couples

Are you looking for ways to make money with your partner together?!

I have good news for you, it is possible. 

In this article, I will teach you the best ways that you and your partner have available today to make money in your spare time.

Best Side Hustle Ideas for Couples

1. Virtual Assistants

Becoming a virtual assistant can be a great side hustle if you want to work from home. Virtual assistant duties vary from client to client, but you can expect to be responsible for tasks like data entry, bookkeeping, scheduling, and more.

If this line of work sounds interesting, you can tailor your approach based on your skills and experience and seek out clients that are a good fit.

Virtual assistants typically work as independent contractors, not full-time employees. 

That being the case, you can aim for short-term gigs or work with multiple low-volume clients at the same time.

As a couple, you can either divide and conquer by splitting up tasks for a client or manage your own accounts separately. 

To get started, check out freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork or sign up at VAnetworking.com.

2. Etsy Shop

Of course, Etsy is the leading marketplace for crafty, hand-made, and vintage goods. But there are other products you can sell, like photos and art prints, and digital products like printables.

Etsy provides a massive audience for anyone selling the types of products their audience is looking for. 

It’s easy and free to set up an Etsy shop, so this is a side hustle that doesn’t require a financial investment, at least not upfront.

Because Etsy is so popular, there’s a lot of competition among sellers for the attention of buyers. 

Success with an Etsy shop requires more than simply listing your products for sale and waiting for people to buy them. 

You may need to advertise (Etsy offers paid advertising options) or promote your products to get momentum and earn extra money. 

There are a few advantages to selling printables instead of physical products. First, there are no materials to buy, so your costs of creating the goods will be low. 

Second, you can sell the same product repeatedly, making it easier to scale your business.

3. Photography

Photography is a hobby for millions of people, but have you ever thought about making money with photography? 

You can make extra income in several ways, including selling stock photos, taking portraits for clients, selling prints, creating a photography blog, and more.

Working together as a couple could be ideal in a few scenarios. For example, if you want to make money with stock photography, one of you could serve as a model. 

Or you could use a tripod and the timer to capture photos of the two of you together. If you have kids, you could also incorporate them into family stock photos.

Another option is to work together for portraits or photo sessions. For example, one of you could take the photos while the other helps with props, wardrobes, and other details. 

And if you’re interested in wedding photography, working as a team allows you to cover the even more effectively than an individual.

4. YouTube Channel

Starting and growing a YouTube channel is similar to building a blog or niche website, except you’ll focus on video content instead of written content. 

A YouTube channel could be an ideal side hustle for a couple. Your videos may be more exciting and entertaining with two people than just one working alone. 

And even if both of you are not on camera, one of you could handle responsibilities like running the camera or editing the videos.

Your channel can be about any topic of your choice, so it’s possible to work on something you both enjoy. 

You can even incorporate a hobby or something you like to do together. For example, you could create a channel about travel.

YouTube channels can make money in a few ways, including advertising (the YouTube Partner Program), direct sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or creating and selling your own products.

5. House Flipping

Renovating and flipping houses can be an excellent way to make money with real estate, but it’s also risky. 

You might make a lot, or you could spend a lot of time working on the house and lose money.

This side hustle is best for someone with real estate or construction experience. If that’s you or your partner, this may be a money-making opportunity you want to consider. 

As a house flipper, you’ll look for houses you can renovate to increase the value. You may be able to do the work yourself, or you can hire others to do it for you. 

Of course, you’ll save money by doing the work, but you’ll also need to flip it quickly to keep costs down.

6. Amazon FBA

There are a few different ways to make money by selling on Amazon. One of the most popular options is selling private label products under your own brand. 

You would find a manufacturer or supplier who will put your logo or branding on a product and create a listing for the product on Amazon.

Private labeling offers unlimited income potential, but it does require a financial investment because you’ll need to purchase the inventory you plan to sell. 

Another option is to buy sale or clearance products at retail stores and resell them at a higher price on Amazon. 

Retail arbitrage involves purchasing products in stores to resell. The business model is online arbitrage if you’re buying the products online.

The downside of retail arbitrage and online arbitrage is that you’re constantly looking for products to sell. 

Selling on Amazon is one of the best side hustles for couples because there’s a lot of work involved, and it can be difficult for a single person to manage.

7. Social Media Management

Suppose you or your partner have experience building a social media following. In that case, you could leverage that by offering services to small businesses as a side gig. 

Of course, most business owners recognize the importance of social media. Still, most don’t have the time or experience to handle it independently.

By starting a social media marketing agency, you and your partner could manage social profiles for clients. Your work might involve:

  • Writing and posting updates.
  • Designing images to be shared.
  • Responding to comments and questions from other users. 

Depending on your experience, you can also offer services to set up and manage ad campaigns on platforms like Facebook, Pinterest, and Google. 

Ad management services can be highly lucrative, so this is an excellent opportunity to explore.

One of the best aspects of this business is that many of your clients will need ongoing services. 

For example, you can offer monthly packages that provide a set number of hours or posts each week or each month. Then, once you’ve got a handful of clients, you won’t need to dedicate time to finding new clients.

8. Niche Blogging

Starting a blog or niche website is one of the best ways to make extra money for an individual, and it’s also an excellent option for couples. You can start a blog or niche site on a topic of your choice, so it’s possible to work on something you both enjoy.

Niche websites are typically all about the content. Readers may follow a blog because they connect with the blogger’s personality, but niche websites tend to be less personal and focused strictly on the topic at hand.

The income potential is unlimited, and your online business may produce a full-time income instead of just extra cash.

Building a blog or website is a perfect side hustle for a couple because having two people working together makes it much easier than working on your own. 

Content-based websites need to publish a lot of content, and two people can produce more content than one person can on their own.

Even if you’re outsourcing the writing to freelancers, both of you will be able to split up the work. 

You can share tasks related to editing articles, managing social media profiles, and promoting your site.

The downside of this side hustle is that it requires time and patience. Most new blogs and websites make very little money during the first 6-12 months, so you’ll need to be willing to put in the effort before seeing any results. 

9. Dog Walking & Pet Sitting

If you and your partner are animal lovers, what better way to make extra money than caring for pets? 

You could work as dog sitters or offer pet sitting services.

As pet sitters, you could watch animals during the day while their owners work, or you can provide overnight services for traveling people. 

Dog walking is easy if you’re healthy, and finding clients isn’t difficult. 

There are people in every town and city that aren’t able to walk their dogs because of physical limitations or busy schedules. 

Pet sitting is also relatively easy, although you’ll need to be responsible. Although it does involve work, many animal lovers enjoy pet sitting.

You could advertise your services on Craigslist, on local bulletin boards, or by passing out flyers in your neighborhood. 

Alternatively, you can create a profile on Rover so local pet owners can find you.

10. Online Courses

Creating courses is an online business model with the potential to be highly lucrative. While this is an excellent business for an individual, it’s also perfect for couples. 

For example, maybe one of you has the knowledge needed to teach a course on a specific topic, and the other can handle duties like creating the website and managing the technical details.

There’s plenty of work involved with creating courses, but once you’ve finished the course, it may continue to generate revenue for years to come. 

Online courses tend to have a higher perceived value than ebooks, so you may be able to sell your course for a high price. Many courses sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. 

And if you want to increase your income, you can create multiple courses.

For example, you can create bundles with several courses and increase the average order size. 

Or you can use low-priced courses as introductory offers and then upsell a higher-priced course.

11. Furniture Flipping

Another side hustle for extra income is flipping furniture. You’ll find an old piece of furniture that’s either very cheap or free, put in some time and effort to restore it, and resell it for what it’s worth after your work.

Solid wood furniture is usually the best option for flipping because it can be very valuable once restored. You may be able to find cheap solid wood furniture at yard sales, flea markets, estate sales, and auctions. You can even find free furniture out for trash collection.

Flipping furniture often involves painting or staining, making an old, unattractive piece look new. 

You may need to strip some old paint or sand, but the exact steps will depend on the piece. 

You can also replace the hardware and drastically change the look for a small investment.

Once done with the piece, you can take photos and list it for sale on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.

Furniture flipping could be an ideal side hustle for a couple. 

For example, the two of you could do all the work together, or one could focus on finding the pieces while the other does the restoration work.

12. Print-On-Demand

A print-on-demand business could be an excellent option if you or your partner are creative or artistic. 

With print-on-demand, you’ll sell physical products that are printed and shipped as they are ordered. 

As a result, you can avoid buying and storing inventory, and the supplier also handles everything related to shipping orders.

You can sell many different types of products with a print-on-demand business to make money online. 

T-shirts are popular, but you can also sell other types of apparel like hoodies, hats, and more. You can also sell tote bags, mugs, water bottles, mouse pads, and more.

The profit margin for print-on-demand is smaller than it would be if you were buying the inventory upfront. 

Still, you’ll benefit by not taking the financial risk of purchasing inventory you can’t sell. 

Additionally, it’s easier to scale up since you can quickly release new designs and products without needing inventory.

To start your print-on-demand business, you could sell at a marketplace like Redbubble or CafePress. 

These sites allow you to upload your designs, and visitors can purchase those designs on various products.

13. Uber Driver

If you and your partner have a car, you can put it to work as part-time Uber or Lyft drivers. This is a great option for those who live in metropolitan areas with many people looking for rides.

Rideshare platforms pay per ride. That being the case, the more you drive, the more you earn. This makes it a good fit for couples who don’t have the same full-time work schedule. If one of you is driving while the other is at the office, you can double your extra income potential.

You need to apply and pass a driving background check to get started. Your car must also be in good shape and set up with the minimum insurance requirements.

The key to making money with rideshares is hitting the road when prices surge. This could mean waiting until the bars get out or checking out incoming flight times.

Bottom line? Whenever you think people need a lift, you should be ready to pick them up.

14. Podcasting

A podcast is another type of content-based business. Instead of video or written content, you’ll produce audio content (some podcasts also make a video version).

Podcasting could be the perfect side hustle for couples because you can host the show together. 

Podcasts with two hosts are more interesting than those with a single host, so this is an excellent opportunity to work together.

Like starting a content-based website or a YouTube channel, growing a podcast into a successful business requires time and effort. 

You’ll need to work 6-12 months before seeing the payoff. But once your show takes off, the income potential is unlimited.

Podcasts can make money in several ways, including sponsorships, affiliate marketing, or selling your own products. 

One of the great things about starting a podcast is that you don’t have to be an expert on the topic of your show. Many podcasts rely on guest interviews for the majority of their content. 

So even if you’re not an expert, you can interview experts and leverage their knowledge and experience to grow your channel.

15. AirBnB

If you have an extra room or unit in your house, you could offer it as a short-term rental through Airbnb or other similar platforms. 

By becoming an Airbnb host, you could make extra money by taking advantage of an asset you already own.

Short-term rentals can be potentially lucrative, but there’s also a lot of time and effort involved in cleaning the room or unit between renters. 

If you’re working together as a couple, you can do the cleaning much faster.

Depending on where you live and the type of room or unit you’re able to offer, you can make good money with this side hustle. 

16. Child Care Services

This is good if you have kids or are planning to have kids further down the line. 

Offer to babysit the children of your friends and neighbors. With the two of you, you’ll be able to look after more than one child. 

You could choose to offer babysitting in your home or your customer’s home. 

If you and your partner don’t have any experience with children, you may want to ask your family members if you can look after their children to get some experience and reviews. 

Some after-school babysitters charge up to $16.26 per hour, which could work out to about $244 per week for one child: the more children, the more money. 

Offer a background check so your clients know their kids are safe in your and your partner’s care. 

17. Investing

Investing in the stock market has become a popular side hustle in recent years. However, aside from investing in stocks, you could also invest in real estate or other alternative assets. 

While you can invest individually, it may help to work alongside your partner. With two of you working together, you’ll be able to bounce ideas off each other and benefit from different perspectives. 

Whether you want to invest in stocks, ETFs, crypto, real estate, or something else, doing it alongside your partner will help to improve communication about financial matters. 

You can create a plan together and work to make progress toward your end goal.

The key is to find an investment strategy that works for you and stick with it. If you can do that, you could see some great returns on your investment over time.

Public.com, Webull, and Moomoo are excellent platforms for trading stocks and ETFs.

If you want to invest in real estate for passive income, Fundrise is a solid choice. Or, you could buy and manage rental properties in your local area. 

If you go the rental route, having two of you working on it together will help to spread out the responsibilities related to maintaining and managing the properties.

18. Lawn Care

Lawn care is another service you can offer in your local area to earn extra cash. Suppose you and your spouse or partner enjoy working outside together. 

In that case, you could mow lawns and provide related services like trimming plants, gardening, weeding, mulching, and leaf cleanup.

The work is seasonal, but you can also adjust your services, so you have something to offer throughout the year (like leaf cleanup and snow removal).

If you’re only looking to make a small amount of extra money, talk to some of your neighbors and see if they’re looking for someone to mow or provide lawn care. You can advertise your services to find more clients to turn it into something bigger.

19. Flea Market Flipping

If you’re looking for a fun way to make extra money with your spouse or partner, consider flea market flipping. 

With this side hustle, you’ll buy underpriced items at yard sales, flea markets, estate sales, auctions, and thrift stores and then resell them for a profit. 

You can sell the items locally using Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace or list them on eBay and ship them to buyers.

Flea market flipping is a perfect side hustle for a couple because you can go out looking for underpriced items and spend time together while working.

Many couples enjoy yard sales, so this is a way to turn that hobby into supplemental income. 

Also, each of you will be familiar with different products, so it helps to work together and find more things you can resell. Check out our list of the best items to flip for profit for some ideas.

You might be surprised by how much money you can make as a flipping. Some people turn it into a full-time income. 

Wrapping It Up

Working and making money as a couple is entirely possible. When this is done online, the amount of flexibility you both get is huge; making money and having a great time together.

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